Time Table

Holiday Program

Active’s holiday programs are an awesome way to keep your child entertained and active during the holidays. From morning, afternoon & all-day sessions; your gymnast will participate in gymnastics games & skills in a fun and engaging environment. For morning sessions children should pack morning tea, and all day participants should pack morning tea & a lunch. During the morning sessions, gymnasts will also make arts and craft, and enjoy free roam in the gym during free-play.

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Kindy gymnastics provides many developmental benefits for young children that include hand-eye co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills and spatial awareness. In addition to the physical benefits children learn social skills such as learning to work with others, taking turns and following directions.

Coaches provide a fun and safe environment for children to develop physical skills in a playful way, at their own rate.

Kindy Gym classes are circuit based and run for 45 minutes every morning weekdays.

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Recreational gymnastics continues off of the foundations built in Kindy Gym, and is also a great intro to gymnastics for those who haven’t done it before. Active offers Gym Fun, a program designed for children aged 4-7yrs, Gym Dev – a continuation from Gym Fun & Teen Gym – a program for children 11 years and over. Active also offers FreeG and Ninja classes which promote movement and activity, and fuses elements of martial arts, gymnastics, obstacle training & freestyle movement.

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Active Gymnastics runs one of WA’s premier WAG competitive gymnastics programs. Many Active gymnasts have represented the State at the Australian National Championships along with other interstate events. Active Gymnastics is home to many of WA’s State Champions.

The competitive program offers squads for girls aged from 5 years upwards. Younger gymnasts train twice a week for a total of 3 – 5 hours, while older athletes train from 9 – 20 hours a week.

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