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Active Gymnastics

Welcome to Active Gymnastics, one of the top gymnastics clubs in Western Australia. Our club offers recreational and competitive programs for children aged 18 months and up, conveniently located in O’Connor and Jandakot.

At Active, we have a team of passionate and qualified teachers who prioritize your child’s safety and enjoyment while progressing through our program. In addition, we focus on improving your child’s physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, which will benefit them in all sports and activities. Plus, our classes are designed to be fun and engaging for your child!

In addition to our recreational programs, Active also boasts a leading WAG Competitive Program. Join us today and discover the many benefits of gymnastics for your child’s physical and mental well-being.

Two gymnasts laying on top of each other looking at camera. Another gymnast is behind them holding a small blackboard with the Active Gymnastics logo.

Why Gymnastics

Start Here

Gymnastics is more than just a sport – it’s an exciting way for kids to develop physical skills that can be applied to any sport. Gymnastics is the foundation of all sports.

Start here. Go anywhere!

Friendly & Safe

Our coaches are Accredited and have Working With Children Checks, as well as running lessons safely & with a focus on fun. Your child/gymnast is in a welcoming environment that caters to all skill levels & supports each other.


Experience the joy of gymnastics – endless progressions, new skills to learn. Determination, focus, and hard work lead to continuous growth.

Quality Coaches

Exceptional viewing area and high quality accredited coaches.

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Soph K

Amazing Coaching

Amazing coaching for my daughters, would highly recommend

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WA Electrical and Antennas

Excellent Coaching

Fantastic facilities and excellent coaching team.
My daughter had the best gymnastic experience here at Active.

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Sam P

Excellent Coaching

My 2 children love Active Gymnastics. It's really helped their core strength, the instructors are fantastic and I like the emails we get letting us know how they are going.

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Danielle F

Our Gymnastics Programs

Tiny Tumble

Tiny Tumble is the ultimate wonderland for your little ones, where they can spin, roll, swing, climb, and jump their way to a world of fun and physical development! Our vibrant program not only boosts hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and spatial awareness but also turns every class into an exciting adventure filled with games and music.

With classes running from Monday to Saturday and tailored for different age groups through 1.5 to 5 years old, there’s no better time to kickstart your child’s journey to a healthy and active lifestyle. Join the excitement, as parents get in on the action, guiding their little ones through gymnastics circuits and watching their confidence and skills soar!

Coach helping toddler stand up on a stepping stone
Gymnast starting a backward roll on a gymnastics wedge, with a coach helping to spot her.

Gym Kids

Gym Kids classes are the best hub for children to cultivate new skills, forge lasting friendships, and have an absolute blast! Sessions last one-hour, and cater for ages 5 – 9. Our structured classes ensure personalised learning under the guidance of our qualified coaches.

Classes run after school Monday to Friday, as well as Saturday mornings. These classes are not only about fun but also contribute to crucial physical and cognitive development, fostering body control, coordination, and self-confidence in young minds! Join us for an adventure in skill-building and joyous camaraderie.

Recreational Levels

Recreational Levels offers a specialised gymnastics program for kids aged 6-12, focusing on technique and skill progression across four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Whether your child is a novice or an experienced gymnast, our tailored levels ensure a perfect fit for their needs. Beginners are encouraged to start at the Bronze level, while Gym Kids graduates can kick off at the Silver level.

The program prioritises the recreational side of gymnastics, however we also offer an optional in-house competition during Terms 2 & 4. With dedicated coaches and a fun, supportive environment, Recreational Levels provides the ideal setting for young gymnasts to explore and enhance their skills in a fun and safe atmosphere.

Four young gymnasts holding various gymnastics poses looking at camera
Three teenage gymnasts sitting on beam smiling at camera

Teen Gym

Our Teen Gym classes in Perth offer a dynamic opportunity for teenagers (ages 13-18) to stay active, learn valuable gymnastics skills, and be part of a supportive community. Our two-hour sessions are tailored to individual capabilities, cater to both beginners and ex-competitive gymnasts. Not just for aspiring gymnasts, teen gym also benefits dancers and cheerleaders seeking additional coaching to enhance their skills.

Whether teens aim to perfect technique, improve flexibility, or simply enjoy an active and fun environment, Teen Gym in Perth is the ideal fit for their fitness and skill development journey.

Competitive Gymnastics

Discover excellence in gymnastics with our competitive program, powered by Active Achieve. The program is supported by our accomplished WAG Team, who have coached many state champions and successful gymnasts. Our competitive program technical director is the former Australian Team Olympic, Commonwealth Games and World Championships coach.

Tailored for aspiring gymnasts in the State, National, and Australian Gymnastics Club streams, we ensure opportunities for every participant to thrive. Our commitment is to foster a safe and caring environment, empowering every gymnast to reach their full potential. If you gymnast is interested in trialling for a competitive squad, please contact us or book an assessment via our parent portal.

Four teenage gymnasts standing holding pose looking into camera
Two gymnasts in straddle holding eachothers hands

Adult Gym

Welcome to Adult Gym, the destination to explore or rediscover your passion for gymnastics! Our 1.5-hour adult classes feature a flexible ‘punch-pass’ system, allowing you to attend on your terms, either as a one-time experience or in bulk for discounted rates. With no weekly commitment, our classes in O’Connor (Perth) on Wednesdays from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm cater to beginners and ex-gymnasts alike.

Join us for a fun and rewarding workout, blending convenience and enjoyment for a fulfilling gymnastics experience. Whether you’re a dreamer or an experienced enthusiast, Adult Gym welcomes you to embrace fitness and fun in every session.

Holiday Program

Elevate your kids’ holiday experience in Perth with our gymnastics holiday programs which blend fun, fitness, and skill-building at our O’Connor and Jandakot locations. Running throughout the holiday seasons, our program offers an exhilarating mix of gymnastics skills, engaging games, and free time for kids of all ages, guided by experienced coaches.

With flexible morning, afternoon, and all-day options, our program ensures a safe and exciting environment for your child, promoting physical well-being, social interaction, and creativity. Book through our customer portal during the holiday season to secure a spot for your child in this unforgettable holiday adventure!

Young boy jumping across for ninja wedge blocks