About Us


Active Gymnastics has two locations, our brand new purpose-built gym in O'Connor.

and opening for term Term 2, 2022 our Jandakot premises.

Our O'Connor facility is fitted out with FIG standard equipment and features 5 different foam pit landing zones.

Our Jandakot facility will be fully fitted out with brand new equipment.

Why Active

Our coaches provide an innovative, exciting kids’ gymnastics curriculum in this fun and professional environment. Children will work on improving their coordination, flexibility, balance and strength while learning fun and challenging gymnastic skills.

Active Gymnastics aims to give every child the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the benefits of gymnastics, regardless of ability.

For Every Skill Level

We offer classes in a variety of formats that include recreational classes that cater to both girls and boys. Active also offers one of Perth's leading WAG competitive programs for those gymnasts who wish to take the sport to a higher level.

Whether your child is new to the sport, a junior gymnast in the making or an experienced, high level gymnast, the Active Gymnastics program streams are tailored to encourage all participants to be the very best gymnasts they can be!

Start Here Go Anywhere

Gymnastics has many significant advantages. One of the most valuable is the increased understanding of fundamental movement skills. Not only are these skills essential for healthy growth and development, they are an essential element in building solid foundations in a child’s life.

Gymnastics teaches balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. It enhances fine and gross motor skills, advances social and intellectual abilities and improves body and spatial awareness creating greater success across an increased range of physical activities.

There are very few sports that combine motor and mental skills along with cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility. Gymnastics provides children with a strong foundation for all sports.