Tiny Tumble

Children love spinning, rolling, swinging, climbing, and jumping, and Tiny Tumble is the perfect way to develop their physical skills while having a blast!

Our program offers a wide range of developmental benefits for young children, including hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and spatial awareness. They’ll also learn important social skills like teamwork, taking turns, and following directions. Classes include games and music, so children are entertained, energized, and engaged. Children build their skills and confidence while they learn at their own pace.

With classes running Monday to Saturday and children grouped by age (1.6-3yrs, 3-4yrs and 4-5yrs), there’s never been a better time to get your little ones started on a healthy and active lifestyle. Adults/parents participate with their children in the session to help guide them through their circuits and build their gymnastics skills!

Free Play

In addition to our structured Tiny Tumble coach lead classes, we offer a casual Free Play session in O’Connor and Jandakot.

This is perfect for those looking to burn energy with their under 5’s in a non-structured class. Children are supervised by their adults and can explore our gym at their own pace.

Gym Kids

Gym Kids classes are the perfect place for girls and boys to learn new skills, make new friends, and have an absolute blast!

Gym Kids classes are 1 hour and are grouped by age (5-6yrs, 6-7yrs & 7-9yrs). We have a maximum of 10 children in each group. We offer a 45 minute class for 4 year olds. This is an independent class for those ready to progress from the Tiny Tumble classes. Our classes are structured, so children learn at their own pace with the guidance of our qualified coaches. Classes run in the afternoons Monday – Friday and Saturday morning.

The best part? Our Gym Kids classes aren’t just about having fun but are also great for physical and cognitive development Gymnastics helps children develop body control, coordination, and self-confidence!

Recreational Levels

Recreational Levels is for gymnasts aged 6-12 who want to focus on technique and progress their gymnastics skills. The program has 4 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond). Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced gymnast, we have a level that will suit their needs. For children new to gymnastics, we recommend starting at the Bronze level, and for those that have participated in our Gym Kids program, we recommend starting at the Silver level.

This program prioritizes the recreational aspect of gymnastics, and participation is optional in our in-house competition. These are fun competitions held in Terms 2 & 4. With our expert coaches and fun, supportive environment, Recreational Levels is the perfect place for young gymnasts to explore and develop their skills.

Teen Gym

Teen Gym classes are for teenagers looking to stay active, learn new skills, and become part of a fun and supportive community. Our classes run for two hours and are tailored to each gymnast’s capabilities, making it perfect for beginners and ex-competitive gymnasts alike.

Teen Gym isn’t just for aspiring gymnasts – it’s also a fantastic way for dancers or cheerleaders to gain additional coaching to enhance their skills. So, whether teens are looking to perfect their technique, increase their flexibility, or simply have fun and stay active, our Teen Gym program is the perfect fit for them.

Gym Kids / Ninja

Our Gym Kids / Ninja classes are perfect for children wanting to include a Ninja element in their regular gymnastics class.

In addition to the Gym Kids circuits and skill matrix children will also participate in a Ninja Circuit each week

Our Ninja classes provide a fun and safe environment where children can build confidence, learn new skills, and release their energy.

Our classes are open to girls and boys aged five years and above. Classes are grouped by age. No experience is needed to participate.

Competitive Program

Our competitive program delivered by “Active Achieve” is backed by our WAG Team, who have coached many state champions and successful gymnasts.  Our competitive program technical director is the former Australian Team Olympic, Commonwealth Games and World Championships coach.

We offer opportunities in the State and National Streams, as well as the new Australian Gymnastics Club stream, ensuring that there’s a place for every gymnast to thrive. Our goal is to provide a safe and caring environment where every gymnast has the chance to be the best they can be.

Our squads start with girls aged 5+. If your gymnast is interested in trialling for one of our competitive squads, you can book an assessment online or by emailing us at [email protected]

Adult Gym

Welcome to Adult Gym, the perfect place to try out gymnastics or reignite your love for the sport! Our 1.5-hour adult classes have a casual enrolment system, allowing you to purchase ‘punch-passes’ that can be used as a one-off or in a bulk pack for a discounted price.

Our flexible system means you can attend classes as often as you like without a weekly commitment so that you can fit gymnastics into your busy schedule. Our classes cater to beginners and ex-gymnasts, so whether you dream of doing gymnastics or have experience in the sport, you are welcome to join us for a fun and rewarding workout.

Adult Gym runs on Thursdays in O’Connor from 7.00pm-8.30pm.