Club Policy


Active Gymnastics is committed to working responsibly and ethically within the legal and
regulatory environment. To this end all Club policies and procedures will reflect this and we
will act and make decisions in accordance with this commitment. A refund policy is part of
good customer service. This Policy outlines circumstances in which a refund will be made and
if any charges are to be deducted.


Refund refers to the transfer, exchange or reimbursement of monies paid for agreed services,
• have not been delivered in the timelines stated;
• did not meet the standard that the customer was led to believe they would;
• don’t match the sample and/or demonstration provided; and or
• aren’t as they were described.


This policy applies to all services provided by Active Gymnastics as part of its’ daily business
operations, undertaken by Directors and/or employees, in their dealings with customers,
members and suppliers.
Adoption of this policy will ensure Active Gymnastics will continue to conduct their business
with integrity and in accordance with community and business ethical standards of behaviour.


All activities undertaken by Active Gymnastics as part of its day-to-day operations including
conduct of competitions, events, daily gymnastics lessons and related customer services are


Active Gymnastics Refund Policy is characterised by reliance on a number of principles.
Adherence to these principles will ensure open and honest communication about ourservices
with our customers, members and suppliers.
These principles include:
• Communicating in plain language to ensure information on our services is clear,
accurate and easily understood;
• Ensuring our commitment to providing quality services is implemented by all staff;
• Responding promptly to any concerns with respect to the non-delivery of agreed
• Providing an efficient, fair and consistent handling process; and
• Actively encouraging and responding to feedback from our customers, members and


All gymnastics classes and annual Club/Governing body registration fees are to be paid in full
upon registration. Active Gymnastics does not hold places without paid registration.
Registration cancellations will only be accepted in writing, via email, facsimile or post.
Active Gymnastics does not refund Membership fees except in special circumstances. Refunds
may be considered for technical problems associated with the payment of fees. Consideration
for a refund must be made in writing to the Active Gymnastics by e-mail to Active Gymnastics.
A decision to offer a refund will be at the discretion of Active Gymnastics
Refunds will usually be made within 14 days of receiving the refund request. Refunds will be
paid in the same tender type as the original payment and in Australian dollars (AU$).
The following additional rules will apply:
• Non-attendance at general training sessions does not qualify a customer or member
for a refund, transfer, credit or exchange against fees paid;
• Training fees do not include costs for events, level badges or any uniform items. The
fees are applied for the coaching/tuition provided and use of the Club’s gymnastics
related equipment;
• A non-refundable annual Club membership and governing body registration fee
applies. This membership is valid from January 1st to December 31st in the current
• Claims for refunds, transfer, credit or exchange will not be considered unless
accounts are paid up-to-date or in credit; and
• If any classes have been missed, no make-up classes can be offered due to class numbers.
Make-up classes or a class credit can be arranged for genuine illness and/or special
circumstances resulting in more than 2 weeks of classes being missed
• Members who are unable to attend an event due to extenuating circumstances (i.e.
family death, major illness, etc) may write to Active Gymnastics and with written
evidence may be eligible for a full refund, regardless of notice;
• If Active Gymnastics cancels the scheduled class or event, members may elect to be
given a 100% refund, or they may choose to allow Active Gymnastics to retain their
full payment until the class or event is re-scheduled.


Company Director
• Ensure that appropriate administrative procedures are in place for the reporting and
handling of refunds and complaints;
• Actively promote the Clubs Refund policy to all staff, customers and suppliers;
• Ensure the key information in the Policy is added to Membership forms or other
relevant documents;
• Ensure that appropriate training is provided to all staff so that services are delivered
to the standards promoted and/or complaints can be directed to the appropriate
management staff;
• Respond promptly to any concerns with respect to the non-delivery of agreed
services in-line with the Club’s refund policy; and
• Devise and implement strategies to address any on-going issues that result in the
non-delivery of agreed services.
• Deliver all services to the Club’s required standard and in-line with assigned duty
statements and employment agreements;
• Alert Senior Management with respect to any agreed services not deliver and the
circumstances causing this; and
• Work responsibly and ethically at all times when representing the Club and delivering
agreed services.
• Report the non-delivery of services to a Club Director or Manager within a
reasonable time; and
• Provide details on the services not received and or proof of purchase


Recommended changes to this policy may be submitted to Active Gymnastics Manager or
Company Director for consideration at any time. Should changes be accepted, the policy will
be updated, dated and circulated to all relevant stakeholders.
Active Gymnastics is committed to ensuring all policies are up-to-date and reflect current
times, therefore reviews are undertaken annually. The next review date is detailed at the
beginning of each policy.


Active Gymnastics administration is responsible for implementing this Policy and will work
within the legal requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 and the Clubs Privacy Policy.
Club Policy & Rules
• All term fees must be paid for when enrolling for all classes.
• No refunds can be offered.
• Enrollments do not roll over to the following term.
• If any classes have been missed, no make-up classes can be offered due to class
numbers. Exceptions are made when we do have availability in a similar class.
• Any recreational classes which fall on a public holiday will be discounted from your
term fees at time of enrolment.
• During class times, spectators must drop their children at the gate and wait upstairs
in the parent lounge or parents may leave the premises and return to collect
children. We cannot allow any parents/guardians to cross the floor once classes have
• Children should be wearing either sports wear, a leotard or shorts, leggings, singlet
and t shirt are fine. Please no dresses, skirts, jeans or belts as this is a safety
hazard when on equipment.
• Please ensure children attend their class with jewellery removed and hair tied up.
• Gymnasts must adhere to our code of conduct.
• Children must wait inside the premises for their parents, Active cannot take
responsibility for children outside of their scheduled class times.
• If parents are more than 15 minutes late, we do have a late fee. If you are going
to be late for extenuating circumstances, please let us know on the gym phone via
a text message on 0417503517
• Please make sure all water bottles are not glass and also labelled with their name to
reduce the risk of being misplaced.
• Please ensure your child keeps their belongings tidy within the Gymnast waiting
area, to reduce loss of belongings or risk of accident.
• Refer to signs in the parent lounge upstairs for any upcoming competitions and club
• Lost property will be kept until the end of term, after this all items will be donated.
• No food or drink allowed in the gym at all times, other than water.
• No cars are to stop directly outside the gym front door to avoid congestion, when
dropping children off, pull up to the side or find a space.
Competitive Programme Policy
• All term fees for Competitive classes must be paid for prior to the start of term.
• Competitive gymnasts must train the required days/hours for their current level
• Following the competition season all children will train towards the next level in the
Australian Levels Program, this does not confirm the level they shall compete in the
following year.
• Before the competition season commences, gymnasts will be assessed to ensure
they are competing at the correct level. Any queries should be discussed between
the coach and parent.
• All children with an injury that requires taping, must be taped by a professional prior
to their session. Parents must inform their child’s coach of any new or ongoing
• Gymnasts must attend all term and holiday training sessions two weeks prior to a