Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics Coaching WA

Active Gymnastics runs one of WA’s premier WAG  competitive gymnastics programs. Our gymnasts have represented the state at the Australian National Championships along with other interstate events. Our club is actively involved in the Gymnastics WA community. All of Active Gymnastic’s competitive coaches are Gymnastics Australia accredited with a wide range of international experience. Many of our competitive coaches are also accredited Gymnastics Australia judges, giving you a valuable competitive edge. 

Developing Competitive Gymnasts

Gymnasts in our competitive classes will be learning necessary fundamental skills and the skills to put together in an all apparatus routine. Active Gymnastic’s gymnasts will continue their development into the higher levels of the sport, with a strong focus on competition preparation and participation in local, regional and state events. Our experienced, friendly and talented coaches will focus on the growth of the ‘whole’ of the athlete, including supporting, nutrition, psychology, injury prevention and rehabilitation. For information on our competitive program please check our schedule for class times and read our Competition Handbook. 

Australian Levels Gymnastics Program

The Australian Levels Program (ALP) is set by Gymnastics Australia to provide a national standard. The ALP includes both Women’s Artistic and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. They also:
  •  • Develop healthy minds and strong bodies for now and later life
  •  • Enhance co-ordination and agility, for body awareness and balance
  •  • Develops posture and confident body movement, including the ability to land safely.
  •  • Develops strength and flexibility, for life’s constant challenges
  •  • Enhances creativity and builds self-confidence, for sport and life
The routines that gymnasts will learn are set by Gymnastics Australia and are used nationwide.

Online booking for competitive programs is not available. Please contact us for more information
Contact us today to ask about ALP gymnastics enrolment. 
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